spring, vauclusian

   ; rising, vauclusian
   1. A type of rising or spring where direct drainage from the phreas flows up a flooded cave passage under pressure to emerge in daylight. The term is best applied where water rises from a vertical or very steep bedrock passage. Such risings are named after the Fontaine de Vaucluse in southern France. The River Sorgue rises from the Fontaine with a mean flow of 26 cubic meters per second. Its upper part is steeply inclined, but a depth it is vertical. A diver has reached a depth of –200m, and a robot reached –243m, below which the flooded shaft continues [9].
   2. Large karst spring (name by Fournet, after la Sorgue en Vaucluse, France) characterized by a stream surging up as from a siphon. Also applied to karst springs with artesian characteristics [20].
   3. A large spring or exsurgence of an underground river, generally from limestone, that varies greatly in output and is impenetrable except with diving apparatus [10].
   Synonym: (American.) gushing spring; (French.) source vauclusienne, bouillidou ( South of France); (German.) Vauclusequelle, ( Riesenquelle); (Greek.) kephalari/ vauclusiana pighi; (Italian.) sorgente valchiusana; (Russian.) vokljuz; (Spanish.) fuente vauclusiana, ojo, heryidero; (Turkish.) bas2nçcl2 kaynak; (Yugoslavian.) voklisko vrelo, obrh.
   See also gushing spring.

A Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology with Special Reference to Environmental Karst Hydrology. . 2002.

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